Maritime cyber security strategy in focus for Denmark

The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has launched a new maritime cyber strategy, part of the government’s national strategy for cyber and information security, containing a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening maritime IT security and preventing cyber threats.

The new strategy covers navigational safety in Danish waters and safety on board Danish ships, including operational systems and software, and propulsion and navigation equipment. In addition, services such as traffic monitoring, warning and information systems, as well as other systems with a connection to a ship’s safe navigation are included in the strategic plan.

Responsibility for all of these issues will lie with the Danish Maritime Authority, which has now established a dedicated Danish Maritime Cybersecurity Unit to handle implementation of the strategy.

Other elements of the government’s plan include the creation of a single point of contact between maritime operators and the Centre for Cyber Security (CFCS) in Denmark, as well as the secondment of a Danish Maritime Authority employee to the CFCS.

A joint contingency and warning plan for handling IT security incidents will also be established, and common cyber and information security exercises will be held to promote awareness and improve industry knowledge.

The full strategy document can be downloaded from the Danish Maritime Authority website.

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