Dualog brings DNS-level blocking to ship cyber protection

Dualog has launched a new shipboard cyber security service which aims to protect vessels and their onboard IT systems by proactively blocking malware and unwanted data traffic at the DNS-level before an attack even occurs.

The Dualog Protect service blocks ransomware, trojans and phishing attempts as well as preventing ‘command-and-control call-backs’ and data exfiltration, the company says. By operating at the DNS-level, the service protects all computers and devices attached to all onboard networks.

“The Dualog Platform, with e-mail, file transfer and internet services, is built to adhere to the highest standards of cyber resilience and security. State-of-the-art and redundant security services are incorporated into the core of the products, making sure that uptime is maximised,” said Walter Hannemann, Product Manager at Dualog.

“With Dualog Protect we now offer an even more comprehensive filtering mechanism that will allow for company-wide policies and a simpler way of handling the blocking of malicious and unwanted traffic.”

“Besides much improved cyber security, it is also possible to filter traffic for domains and services per company policies, by allowing or blocking specific domains or URLs. This works on all protocols, websites and apps, without breaking data encryption.”

Dualog servers handled a total of 180 Terabytes of data during the fourth quarter of 2018, with more than 28 million e-mails scanned for viruses and other threats. Close to 13.5 million of those e-mails were rejected because they were identified as part of large-scale spam attacks, while nearly 150,000 were phishing e-mails with links to unsecure websites. More than 140,000 messages carrying viruses or malware were detected and stopped.

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