AI-powered cargo matching e-mail platform launched by SHIPNEXT

Digital shipping marketplace SHIPNEXT has launched a new e-mail application targeted at the transportation and logistics industry, which can be integrated with existing e-mail systems as a plug-in for ease of implementation.

The SHIPNEXT Connect e-mail tool provides instant e-mail processing functionality, and includes a matching system incorporating a natural language processing algorithm, Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence to analyse and calculate cargo transportation options.

This then allows the user to choose the most efficient option for delivering cargo overseas, with the most suitable shipping option displayed alongside every incoming cargo/freight request for shippers. Conversely, each incoming ship position can display the best cargo matches for brokers using the system.

The plug-in can connect directly to Gmail-based e-mail systems, but is also compatible with a wide range of additional e-mail software packages, the company said.

The e-mail product builds on SHIPNEXT’s existing marketplace system, a reverse freight-trading and cargo-to-ship matching platform used to connect private freight trading platforms, from stakeholders such as TATA Group, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, with carriers, brokers or shipping companies that have the most suitable ships in position. The system also allows for automated charter party and electronic Bill of Lading printing.

The company also offers a SHIPNEXT Freight Index product to monitor any incoming cargo and automate comparison of different freight offers received from various sources. SHIPNEXT additionally plans to launch a new SHIPNEXT Supply Chain product later this year, to analyse the most time and cost-efficient mode of transportation for cargoes, comparing conventional dry-bulk or container carrier options.

The new Supply Chain system will display routes in a format similar to Google Maps, the company says, where the user is shown routing and price comparison information for a range of different modes of transport.

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