Hyundai to retrofit Marine IoT on seagoing vessels

South Korean maritime technology company eMARINE Global reports that it has agreed a three-year contract with Hyundai Global Service Co, a spin-off of Hyundai Heavy Industries, to supply a Marine Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for retrofit to ships currently in operation at sea.

Hyundai will use the newly developed IoT platform to remotely monitor the performance of the vessels in real-time, applying the data to proactive and pre-emptive repair and maintenance programmes, with the ultimate goal of driving more efficient operations.

Ung Gyu Kim, Chairman and CEO, eMARINE Global

“Having our innovative and proprietary technology retrofitted into more than 1,000 vessels currently in operation, places us in an ideal position for long-term success and market leadership,” said Ung Gyu Kim, Chairman and CEO, eMARINE Global.

“While we continue to gain traction with Hyundai and other leading customers, we are still in the early stages of a long-term opportunity.”

“We are pleased to see positive progress in merger negotiations between Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo, the number one and two largest shipbuilders globally, and we very much look forward to a potential opportunity to extend our technology implementations to Daewoo’s sizeable fleet.”

eMARINE Global notes that it has also secured additional contracts to develop a range of smart-ship systems, including voyage optimisation, engine status monitoring and remote monitoring, for Hyundai’s newbuild vessels.

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