Western Bulk rolls-out SEDNA information management platform

Norwegian dry bulk shipping company Western Bulk has agreed a deal to use the Cloud-based SEDNA transaction management platform to handle of all of its e-mail and internal collaboration processes.

The SEDNA system is designed to associate messages and people to a project or job to facilitate team-based collaboration, using tags to provide context and link teams with messages, and removing the need for individual users to develop their own folder structures.

The platform includes a shared team inbox so that everyone can view the status and progression of related business transactions. This single inbox will then hold a complete record of all associated communication and documentation in one place at the end of the project.

The application also has ‘learning’ functionality, to allow the system to better understand a team’s processes and groups over time, and further improve efficiency.

Western Bulk operates offices in Oslo, Singapore, Seattle, Santiago and Casablanca, and will now roll-out SEDNA for use by everyone in the organisation, all the way up to the CEO.

Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology at Western Bulk

“SEDNA is the type of partner Western Bulk needed for the future as we both are working to make teams more efficient,” said Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology at Western Bulk.

“Their openness to integrate with other systems like Shipamax and Veson was very important as it showed SEDNA’s desire to bring innovation from both inside and outside the company to help Western Bulk simplify our workflow.”

“As a team-based Cloud solution, SEDNA is accessible to everyone. People love the fact they can find the information they want, whenever or wherever they need. The mobility and speed is helping the organisation be more efficient and that is helping us work smarter, together.”

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