JRCS launches XR virtual training system

Japanese technology company JRCS has launched a new online training system called ‘INFINITY Training’, which employs XR (Cross Reality) technologies to provide a mixed reality digital training environment for students.

The system is one of the first innovations to emerge from the ‘JRCS Digital Innovation LAB’ project launched in April of last year, which saw the company partner with Microsoft to explore how Microsoft’s HoloLens MR (mixed reality) headset and AI services on its Azure Cloud platform could be applied to the creation of remote training and remote maintenance systems.

“Currently, our training centre in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture offers training mainly for mariners, but due to time and distance it is particularly difficult for overseas customers to attend,” the company said, in a statement.

“Therefore, online training using Mixed Reality technology that can combine the real world and digital technology has been developed, making it possible to take training anytime, anywhere.”

The first course to be offered using the new INFINITY Training system will focus on High Voltage System training, and consists of three modules – a ‘Self Learning’ module, a ‘Self Training’ module, and a final ‘Virtual Face to Face (VF2F)’ module.

XR technology is used to reproduce a High Voltage Switchboard and the equipment necessary to carry out the basic handling and actual work involved during real operations, and is followed by a final examination before technical certification is awarded.

JRCS says that the INFINITY Training system is also the first STCW-compliant training programme using XR technology that has received class certification.

“It has always been commonplace for training to be carried out at a training centre, but it is now possible to carry out training in a virtual space of your choosing,” the company added.

“Making full use of the latest XR technology, equipment appears in front of you making training possible in a meeting room or even at your home. In addition to reducing training costs and travel time, you can improve lifestyle quality by making better use of limited time and focusing on more important tasks.”

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