Intellian adds new 1m antenna for Fleet Xpress

Intellian is set to launch a new 1m Fleet Xpress terminal called the GX100NX, with support for 2.5GHz Wideband Ka-band networks and a reflector and radome optimised for use with the VSAT connectivity service.

Based on Intellian’s latest NX technology platform, the GX100NX uses a single coaxial cable, which combines Tx, Rx, and DC power, to simplify installation. Users that require higher bandwidth levels than standard can also choose to implement a 10W BUC option, which can be installed without any additional components.

The Below Deck Terminal (BDT) has been created as a new ‘All-in-One’ system, integrating an antenna control unit (ACU), a modem, a power supply, a 4-port switch and a mediator in a single unit.

The antenna management and control platform has also been upgraded, with Intellian’s latest AptusNX software featuring an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide for setup, as well as support for enhanced diagnostics, which sends an alert to the operator when predictive maintenance is required.

“With its future-proof and user-friendly design, our new Global Xpress terminal will deliver performance, installation and servicing benefits to diverse customers, especially those in the commercial shipping, oil and gas, and yachting markets,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian.

The GX100NX will be commercially available at the end of June, the company said.

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