Teekay Offshore extends VSAT contract

Teekay Offshore has extended its vessel VSAT contract with satcom service provider Marlink for an additional four years, renewing the companies’ deal on Teekay’s entire fleet of shuttle tankers and FSOs, while also extending the agreement to add six new E-Shuttle tankers under construction at Samsung Heavy Industries.

Teekay Offshore’s new E-Shuttle tankers are designed to reduce emissions and bunkering requirements by 50% through utilisation of an integrated LNG, VOC and electric powertrain set-up on board. The new VSAT contract will provide Teekay with more control over the way its bandwidth is used, Marlink says, improving the user experience for operational applications and crew use.

Crew access will be facilitated by the addition of XChange Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) systems, which will allow Teekay’s seafarers to connect to Wi-Fi using their own smartphones, tablets and laptops. Marlink will manage crew accounts and settings for these services, as well as cyber security systems such as content filters and firewalls.

“Marlink has demonstrated relentless commitment to quality of service, helping us to optimise our own service to clients globally and increase our value proposition across the board,” said Regis Rougier, VP Operations, Teekay Offshore.

“As our first choice for the critical shuttle tanker connectivity that augments safety and effectiveness at sea, Marlink continues to be an essential aspect of our commitment to bring energy to the world in a sustainable way.”

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