Marlink package to support IT network standardisation

Marlink has introduced a new ITLink package of services designed to simplify standardisation, automation and management of vessel technology systems, available as a standalone product or integrated with its VSAT connectivity systems.

ITLink has been designed to offer continuous monitoring of the onboard IT environment and remote IT intervention from shore, to assist vessel operators in maintaining compliance with the increasing number of regulations pertaining to shipboard technology, such as the safety management system cyber requirements coming from IMO in 2021, or the new IT obligations included in TSMA version 3.

The new Marlink service also offers shore based insight into all onboard systems via an online dashboard specifically focused on IT networks, which includes continuously updated PC and server status information.

The system will additionally offer support for centralised updating of onboard networks and applications, automating those updates to reduce the time required to secure onboard PCs across a fleet.

“Marlink already has complete management of IT services on more than 1,000 vessels, providing ship owners with a secure, compliant platform on which to run their applications,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.

“By working in close cooperation with our customers, our team will ensure that clients secure and future-proof their IT environment with our cutting-edge technology and the adoption of best-practice procedures to meet new regulations including TMSA v3 and IMO 2021.”

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