Rolls-Royce backs mýa initiative for OEM data standards

(l-r) Andreas Schell, Rolls-Royce, with Dr. Uwe Lauber, MAN Energy Solutions

Rolls-Royce has signed an MoU indicating its intention to join the mýa platform, a non-profit initiative which aims to improve digital integration and the extraction of data from equipment and machinery supplied by different manufacturers.

The mýa system was launched in February of this year, spearheaded by MAN Energy Solutions, to provide a single interface that can integrate OEM member companies’ various data streams. That data can then be made available for exchange with other selected parties using a permission-based system.

“Our mission is to work together to further develop and promote the mýa platform in support of our own digital products and services,” said Andreas Schell, CEO of the Power Systems business unit at Rolls-Royce.

“Using mýa technology, we’ll be able to provide data for our customers within a single platform. And we’re very keen to move forward on this because we see it as a major milestone in our development. At the same time, this initiative can only take off if other suppliers and industry actors also decide to join up.”

Rolls-Royce aims to promote the use of standards across the industry by fostering a collaborative culture at the company, where asset related data can be shared between organisations and companies, and customers are no longer locked into proprietary digital platforms that hold their data hostage.

Services using the mýa infrastructure will be delivered to Roll-Royce customers via its own MTU Go! platform, the company added.

“Solution providers offer a plethora of digital solutions for system performance optimisation, resulting in a complicated, uncoordinated view of the various equipment that vessel and plant operators maintain. Essentially, mýa helps solve this problem by simplifying the retrieval of relevant data from these solutions,” said Per Hansson, Head of Digital and Strategy at MAN Energy Solutions.

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