Vessel Insight service announced by Kongsberg

Kongsberg has announced the upcoming launch of its new Vessel Insight subscription-based service for collection and management of shipboard data, which is to be made commercially available from August.

The service has been introduced in response to the challenges faced in the maritime industry in integration of systems and equipment on board using a variety of different software and data formats, which makes standardisation difficult to accomplish. As such, accessing sufficient quality data securely from vessels has historically been so costly that it largely nulls out the potential gains in operational expenditure, the company says.

“Digitalisation in the maritime industry increases efficiency and safety and allows for a more environmentally sustainable way of working. However, digitalisation requires access to quality data from vessels and it’s this part of the puzzle that Vessel Insight delivers,” noted Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital.

“Vessel Insight is the infrastructure service that helps customers access structured data. This will make digitalisation accessible to a wider user-base and help the maritime industry to be more sustainable in both economic and environmental terms.”

The new system is used to capture and aggregate data from shipboard assets, and securely transfer that data to the Cloud. The data can also then be processed by applications within Kongsberg’s Kognifai Marketplace, which hosts a range of software and services from Kongsberg, from vessel operators themselves, or from third parties.

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