German university agrees deal for engine room simulator package

The Maritime Center at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany has agreed a contract with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) for the delivery of an engine room simulator package, scheduled for August next year.

The deal includes a K-Sim Engine Full Mission engine room simulator and a K-Sim Engine desktop classroom configuration, with a range of six different models to be used for training on a variety of propulsion and engine types.

KDI will also develop an entirely new model for this contract based on the machinery configuration from a new generation LNG carrier, propelled by two MAN ME-GI low-speed engines that can operate on LNG, MGO and HFO. To enable IGF code training in LNG bunkering procedures, a DEDF42 Cruise Ferry model – based on a Dual Fuel passenger ship – is additionally included in the delivery.

To comply with the Ballast Water Management Convention, several of the included models have a combined electrolysis and filter system in order to meet IMO and USCG requirements.

To provide wider access to the new training tools the simulators will be integrated with Kongsberg Digital’s new K-Sim Engine eLearning modules, accessible via a cloud-based ecosystem called K-Sim Connect which provides instructors with the possibility to upload, share and manage exercises. Students can obtain access to the simulation exercises by logging in online.

“The new K-Sim Engine models will prepare our students for controlling and managing the engine systems onboard different vessels, including the top modern ones,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Thiemke, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

“With the cloud-based eLearning solution our students will also gain access to high-quality simulation exercises outside the school, to practice more and build the necessary competence.”

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