BC Ferries to introduce electronic logbooks fleet-wide

BC Ferries has agreed a deal with maritime software company NAPA to implement NAPA’s electronic logbook technology as the fleet-wide standard system for its vessels.

The electronic NAPA Logbook system has been in use for over a decade and is approved by more than 20 major flag states, including the Bahamas, Marshall Islands, Panama, Malta and Singapore. The application has also recently been updated to allow access using the new NAPA Mobile smartphone interface, meaning reporting can be completed anywhere around a ship.

BC Ferries chose to install NAPA Logbook after a tender process and the success of pilot installations on BC Ferries’ Coastal Celebration and Northern Expedition in 2016, and on three of BC Ferries’ Salish class ships during 2017.

Installations have continued during 2019 and NAPA Logbook will be in use on more than 20 BC Ferries ships by the end of 2020, the companies said.

“Nobody likes paperwork, but for hundreds of years it has been an arduous reality for every seafarer,” notes Mikko Forss, Director, Sales, Americas at NAPA.

“NAPA Logbook leaves those days in the past. It delivers everything you’ve come to expect from a paper logbook while also delivering major benefits to its users in terms of time savings, data validation, and data sharing.”

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