NAPA and CADMATIC combine ship design software tools

Maritime software provider NAPA has teamed up with 3D-based design firm CADMATIC to create a new integrated intelligent ship design application for shipyards and vessel design companies.

The software is designed to cover the entire ship lifecycle, from newbuilding projects through to retrofits and conversions, with digital tools for naval architecture, basic and detailed design, ship production and delivery.

NAPA’s existing systems are focused on naval architectural calculations, structural design, and data analysis, while CADMATIC provides systems for ship 3D hull structures, 3D piping and outfitting, 3D layout, P&I diagrams, visualisation and management of design, engineering and production information.

The joint offering from the companies aims to leverage both areas of expertise to streamline the design process, consolidating data and enabling the use of digital twins from the beginning of a project.

“Together with NAPA, we have the most extensive experience within the market to improve the efficiency and profitability of the shipbuilding industry,” said Jukka Rantala, CEO at CADMATIC.

“We have a long history in shipbuilding and most shipyards and ship design companies in the world trust our advanced solutions and deep know-how. I’m very excited about this opportunity to combine the forces of the two most advanced software solutions for the benefit of our existing and new clients.”

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