NAPA links ship design software with Korean Register rule-check system

Ship design software company NAPA and class society Korean Register (KR) have completed the development of an interface linking the NAPA Steel structural design application with KR’s SeaTrust-HullScan rule-checking software.

SeaTrust-HullScan performs structural analysis for vessels to which common structural rules are applied, while NAPA Steel is used for designing, viewing, and evaluating 3D designs. Because each software previously used its own file format, users had to enter data into SeaTrust-HullScan based on 2D drawings, even though the data already existed in NAPA Steel.

The new live interface now allows SeaTrust-HullScan users to access information such as Section, Compartment, and Principle Particulars for Rule Scantling in real-time from NAPA Steel’s 3D model.

3D model-based approval (3D MBA) also opens the door to greater use of digital twins for asset life-cycle management, where real-world data can be compared against a virtual model of a vessel to identify problems and validate performance data.

“This live interface function jointly developed with NAPA can share accurate information from NAPA Steel in seconds, with a single click,” said Daeheon KIM, Executive Vice President of KR’s R&D division.

“This is a dramatic improvement from the previous arrangement which took several hours to input data to SeaTrust-HullScan. We expect that this dramatic improvement will make SeaTrust-HullScan even more popular with users while contributing to productivity and quality of ship design.”

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