NAPA links stability software to the cloud

Maritime software provider NAPA has announced the launch of a new stability software to replace its NAPA Loading Computer in the passenger shipping sector.

Built on 3D calculations and ship design mathematics, the new NAPA Stability application covers a wide range of parameters related to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability, and longitudinal strength.

The new software will be deployed with additional cloud-based functions linked to NAPA’s Fleet Intelligence system to enable real-time stability data management to be shared with shoreside stakeholders, such as FOCs (Fleet Operations Centre) and ERSs (Emergency Response Services).

Live datasets, such as time, positioning and weather data, are also incorporated into the suggested decision-making response to support users in choosing required actions, such as when or if to abandon a ship. 

“The increased insight and greater transparency between ship and shore that NAPA Stability and the stability monitoring function in NAPA Fleet Intelligence provides will revolutionise the way we manage ship stability,” said Jussi Siltanen, Senior Product Manager, NAPA Safety Solutions.

“NAPA Stability provides the industry with incredible potential to reduce immediate risks by enabling greater accuracy and faster decision-making support. At the same time, the increased quality and quantity of data gathered from past incidents will help shipowners and operators improve their stability operations and get a better insight on potential incidences – unlocking a new era for safety at sea.”

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