Wallenius Marine and ABB to jointly deliver ‘fleet support centre as a service’ offering

Shipping company Wallenius Marine has partnered with ABB in the introduction of a new digital ‘fleet support centre as a service’ offering called OVERSEA.

OVERSEA leverages ABB’s Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI technologies combined with fleet management expertise from Wallenius Marine to assist ship operators in delivering measurable performance improvements for vessels.

The service will aim to address such aspects of vessel performance as hull and machinery, speed and route planning, as well as emissions and carbon intensity reporting.

Shipping companies with in-house fleet support centres can collaborate on the same data with vessels and onshore offices to manage operations and improvement actions. In addition, those in need of further support can get assistance from OVERSEA centre experts for daily advice, periodic performance reviews and reporting, and on-demand performance consulting.

“We talk a lot about innovations that will make us more sustainable in the future, and OVERSEA makes a real difference already today. From our experience, we know that the operation of a vessel has a deep impact on released emissions and fuel consumption,” said Johan Mattsson, CEO, Wallenius Marine.

“With clear recommendations to the crew, based on data-driven analysis, vessel owners and operators are able to significantly reduce both their environmental footprint and fuel cost.”

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