SMARTShip gets ClassNK approval

Classification society ClassNK has confirmed type approval certification for SMARTShip, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for maritime vessels developed by Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT).

SMARTShip is currently installed on approximately 30 vessels with another 60 ships in various stages of the set-up process, the company says. The system gathers data from different parts of the ship to create a platform connecting those disparate systems for analysis, and enabling continuous monitoring for decision support.

ClassNK’s certification approves the technology as a ‘Computer Based System’ which conforms to the Class Society’s rules governing a product performing ‘Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics’, ‘Situational Awareness’ and ‘Decision Support Systems’, both onboard and ashore.

SMARTShip’s Situational Awareness Decision Support System (DSS) incorporates applications including SMARTAlert notifications for prevention of incidents, a TFOC (Total Fuel Oil Consumption) fuel optimisation application, and ASSET AI predictive maintenance applications.

Hourai Maru, a mid-sized gas carrier delivered on 11th March 2019, was the first ship certified with a ClassNK-approved SMARTShip system installed.

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