Nexxiot introduces latest container IoT device

Cargo IoT company Nexxiot has introduced its latest gateway device for intermodal shipping containers, used to power real time tracking and analysis of container data.

The Globehopper Edge is a self-sustaining wireless connectivity system, capable of transmitting thousands of data points per day from onboard sensors that relay information about a container and its cargo, including location, acceleration and environmental conditions.

The unit is designed to communicate in real time with Nexxiot Connect, a customisable, cloud-based software system, and can also connect wirelessly to additional sensors which can be placed inside the container and cargo.

“Combining state-of-the-art sensors, gateways and global connectivity, Globehopper Edge is the most advanced cargo monitoring device in the world today with the present and future capabilities to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable information possible about their cargo, ensuring unsurpassed accountability across all modes of shipping,” said Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund.

“Nexxiot is focused on the highest strategic level of supply chain digitisation and optimisation. We work in close collaboration with our clients and partners at the C-suite level to define optimal shipping performance outcomes, then deploy our technology to achieve those results. By remaining focused on the most impactful mega-trends across the shipping world, we are redefining the standards and capabilities for future-proof TradeTech.”

Globehopper Edge is solar powered and built to provide zero-maintenance connectivity with a guaranteed lifetime of more than six years. The device is fitted to the outside of a standard shipping container and can be onboarded and paired within 90 seconds.

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