Smart Container Innovation Lab launched

Container IoT start-up Loginno has announced its intention to create a new Smart Container Innovation Lab, to demonstrate the value that can be created through the collection, analysis and sharing of container data across the supply chain.

Log-In Logistica Intermodal, the recently crowned winner of Loginno’s ‘Contopia Factor’ competition to have its entire shipping container fleet IoT-enabled, will work with Loginno on the project to provide an example of how fully connected container operations could benefit other players in the supply chain, rather than just the shipping company itself.

The research arm of the new Contopia Labs (where Contopia is short for ‘Container Utopia’) will be headed by Dr Rami Pugatch, from the department of Industrial engineering and management at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The lab’s business arm will be headed by Loginno founder Amit Aflalo, and will serve as Loginno’s innovative product development unit.

“The value of real-time information in networks is a fascinating topic. Using innovative tools, such as mechanism design, we will demonstrate how this value, if shared properly, can benefit multiple players simultaneously,” said Dr Pugatch.

“As a first challenge, we will tackle the problem of how to optimally employ real-time container IoT data in order to improve the operation of a shipping company. Together with Log-In as a first use case, we are going to find the optimal way to decrease turn-around times, perform real-time triangulations, reduce maintenance costs, and use adaptive fleet size management, including the possibility of smart off-hire.”

“In short, we are going to learn how to use the data to do more (revenue) with less (containers).”

Among the proposed projects for the lab are new technologies for real-time container inventory management, smart port connectivity, smart vessel connectivity, digital container seals to allow frictionless borders, new cargo insurance products, a crypto-powered revenue-sharing model, and scale-less SOLAS VGM container weighing.

“On one hand we are contributing to the entire logistics chain, by opening our doors to innovative open-sourced academic research. On the other hand, we will be able to develop new products that stem from the insights obtained by Contopia labs, offering more accessible value to more stakeholders,” adds Mr Aflalo.

“We are aware that this is a win-win situation. The same Contopia model which helps the shipping company will also help their ecosystem – mainly shippers, but not only them. Contopia Labs are going to make sure that it is not just the shipping company who benefits, but rather serve as the enabler to benefits for the entire industry,”

Loginno says it is already working with industry players such as Navis, Lloyd’s Register, Israeli Aerospace Industries, Microsoft and Marlink as it moves forward with development of the lab, with more partners expected to be announced shortly.

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