NAVTOR and ScanReach to collaborate on vessel IoT data platform

North Sea Giant. PHOTO: North Sea Shipping

NAVTOR and ScanReach have signed an agreement to integrate their respective technologies to deliver a combined vessel IoT data collection and delivery platform, with the aim of simplifying the delivery of information from shipboard systems back to shore.

The collaboration will connect the ScanReach onboard wireless IoT platform to NAVTOR’s existing channels for sharing e-navigation data between ship and shore, to allow a stream of information from onboard sensors to flow between vessels and land-based offices.

“Both ScanReach and NAVTOR share the vision of utilising technology to enable smarter shipping, and by that I mean safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and, at the end of the day, more cost effective maritime operations for shipowners and society itself,” said Børge Hetland, NAVTOR’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“With our advanced ENC-based services as the foundation we have built an infrastructure that allows the seamless sharing of data between vessels and shore, giving bridge officers the very latest information (for example, up to date charts, weather data and regulatory alerts) while owners and operators access vital fleet management information. ScanReach have created a breakthrough onboard infrastructure whereby sensors share real-time information from equipment, systems and even personnel with the bridge, giving the crew genuine insight of current vessel operations.”

“This agreement puts those two infrastructures together. So suddenly it’s not just the bridge officer that knows the latest performance data from ‘sensor x’ in the engine room, it’s the team in the office on shore. This gives close to real-time 360-degree awareness like never before. The potential is really only limited by the ambition and imagination of this industry. This is the definition of a game changer.”

The new integrated product, currently undergoing testing onboard North Sea Shipping’s North Sea Giant subsea construction vessel, connects ScanReach technology with NAVTOR’s communication and pre-processing hub, NavBox, which is used to relay all information collected back to shore.

Once testing is completed successfully the partners say that they will move ahead with plans to launch a commercial product later this year.

“When you have two breakthrough technologies coming together in this way the possibilities are huge,” said Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer, ScanReach.

“Suddenly we have the ability to develop a wide range of services, and quickly, directly addressing client needs and effectively switching vessels from ‘analogue’ to smart, connected, digital empowered ships – without having to install expensive cabling.”

“We’ve already launched (a product called) In:Range, allowing those on vessel bridges to see the exact location of all personnel onboard in emergency situations. With NAVTOR’s infrastructure that information can be combined with their data, for example on routing, weather and navigation, to enable a new generation of emergency response services, both onboard and onshore. Everything becomes connected – ship visibility is brought to shore. The implications of that for the industry are truly staggering.”

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