Stena Line vessel to implement LoRa IoT network

Stena Line’s RoRo passenger vessel MV Stena Hollandica is to implement a new dual-band network for IoT connectivity based on LoRa technology, in collaboration with Semtech Corporation, SkyLab and HeNet.

LoRa, from the words ‘long range’, is a method of radio communication using spread spectrum technology to create low power, low bandwidth connectivity over a wide area. The technology is overseen by a non-profit organisation with more than 500 members and is aimed primarily at supporting M2M and IoT applications.

Using Semtech’s LoRa 2.4GHz gateway reference design, the ship will be installed with a dual-band gateway to provide sub-GHz LoRaWAN standard coverage in the 2.4GHz band, which will be used for asset tracking and condition monitoring at sea.

“As a result of the joint collaboration, we’re offering a unique dual-band network that is perfect for maritime companies, such as Stena Line, to assist with the approximately 28,000 departures yearly while ensuring client/customer satisfaction and safe tracking/monitoring of the millions of tons of cargo on the vessel,” said Remy de Jong Sr, Technical Director, SkyLab.

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