Anglo-Eastern to roll out global fleet operations optimisation system

Hong Kong-based ship manager Anglo-Eastern has agreed a deal to roll out the Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) to support voyage planning and execution, as well as engine performance and fuel efficiency monitoring, for its global fleet of more than 600 vessels.

The new system will help to integrate individual processes that had previously been performed separately to optimise the planning, weather routing, fuel consumption, and speed of a vessel. It also facilitates ship-to-shore reporting and fleet performance management to reduce fuel consumption, taking into consideration charter party compliance, speed management, as well as hull, propeller and engine condition.

The platform will integrate with the ship’s planning station and ECDIS, applying Cloud computing, machine learning and data analytics technologies to improve operational decision making.

“We are keen to leverage the advantages of the latest digital solutions to maximise the efficiency of our voyages and the performance of our fleet. Realising the opportunities made possible by the Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution, we look forward to contributing to the further development of the solution as an early adopter,” said Capt. Bjorn Hojgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo-Eastern.

In related news, Wärtsilä has also announced the launch of a new digital predictive maintenance offering called Expert Insight, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time.

The product is available in combination with a Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions agreement, and flags any detected anomalous behaviour to specialists at Wärtsilä’s Expertise Centres, allowing them to provide support and deliver advice on how to resolve the issue.

“Finding ways to serve the customer better is a constant priority and central to Wärtsilä’s product development philosophy,” said Frank Velthuis, Director Digital Product Development, Wärtsilä.

“It’s at the heart of our Smart Technology approach to raising efficiency, safety, and performance levels, and the Expert Insight innovation supports this philosophy totally. It greatly improves the reliability of equipment and systems, and it gives us added ability to respond far more proactively throughout the lifecycle of the customer’s asset.”

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