Clearwater Dynamics partners with Kx on cyber defence

Maritime technology company Clearwater Dynamics has partnered with Kx, a provider of in-memory, time-series database technology, to deliver a new cyber defence platform called Horizon, which aims to proactively prevent rather than respond to cyber-attacks.

Horizon uses machine learning techniques to search out and isolate threats, providing real-time intelligence across terabytes of historical data, whilst managing real-time ingestion through a single unified and consolidated platform.

Horizon’s development was led by a team led headed up by Clearwater’s CTO Chris Sturgess, a former technical lead for the UK’s primary cyber intelligence agency, GCHQ.

“Through our partnership with Kx, Horizon empowers existing IT teams to react and mitigate threats on a same-day basis, without the need to invest in a resident cyber specialist,” said William Unwin, CEO of Clearwater Dynamics.

“Cyber risk is identified and displayed in an intuitive way in order to minimise false positives and address the sector’s biggest issue of event fatigue and skills shortages.”

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