BW Group tankers add new digital systems from Navarino

BW LNG, BW LPG and Hafnia have agreed a new deal with Navarino to upgrade the digital infrastructure across their respective fleets of LNG, LPG and product tankers.

The sister BW Group entities have chosen to install Navarino’s Infinity Cube, Spectrum and Angel technologies, to assist in management of various elements of their onboard IT and communications networks.

Infinity Cube provide vessel-based virtualisation, allowing users to users to host virtual machines running any operating system (e.g., Windows, Windows server, Linux etc.) and to support application roll-out projects from shore.

This will be combined with Spectrum, which offers a toolkit for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of the onboard IT and connectivity infrastructure through the Infinity equipment, as well as Navarino’s Angel cyber security platform.

“We are delighted to be working closely with BW on this large-scale project to help them enhance the way they manage their vessels’ IT infrastructures,” said Spyros Georgiou, Managing Director Asia-Pac for Navarino.

“Infinity allows BW’s IT managers to have full control over and access to their IT networks onboard and empowers them with the tools to update, support and add to it as they wish.”

“In combination with Angel, our fully managed cyber security service, and Spectrum, we are helping BW to equip their fleet with the most advanced tools to meet their operational requirements. We look forward to working with them for many years ahead and to helping them get the most out of our innovative, designed for maritime technology solutions.”

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