Satcom Global updates online portal

Satcom Global has launched a new version of its GlobalNet portal for online management of satellite communications, adding additional functionality to allow users to manage their onboard services and set up alerts as required.

Designed and managed by Satcom Global’s in-house product development team, the site also hosts a new built-in reporting function, and additional satcom options have been made available for self-activation, such as the company’s recently launched Iridium Certus plans.

The portal was developed to support both end-user customers and resellers, who will now have access to better online tools to support their own customer bases with satellite communications provisioning and purchases.

“Many Satcom Global customers are now up and running on the new portal, and we’re thrilled with the response we have had so far with users reporting a real difference in the ease of use of the portal,” said Satcom Global’s Director of Product Development, Paul Mitchell.

“More and more satellite users are wanting visibility of their communications with the ability to make their own changes to services instantly. The new GlobalNet portal is meeting the varied needs of our diverse customer base and will continue to do so as we launch more exciting features in the months to follow.”

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