Rivada satellite network gets UK approval

Rivada’s planned satellite network has been granted an earth station network licence by UK regulator Ofcom to provide communications services in Britain, on land and at sea.

Rivada is launching a constellation of low-earth orbit satellites to provide maritime and aviation connectivity, as well as government communications, enterprise networking and backhaul services for telecommunications networks.

Ofcom notes that, having assessed Rivada’s licence application, it has concluded that its proposed system is capable of coexisting with other services and would benefit UK consumers and businesses.

The network licence allows Rivada to use spectrum and deploy user terminals in the UK.

“This is a significant step for Rivada in terms of market access. We are now on an exciting path to ensure that the OuterNET is available globally to solve essential connectivity and networking challenges and open up new business opportunities,” said Declan Ganley, CEO, Rivada Space Networks.

The Rivada OuterNET point-to-point network will consist of 600 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, combining inter-satellite laser links with onboard processing and routing to create an optical mesh network where data stays in space from origin to destination. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service available in 2026.

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