Lindblad Expeditions expands connectivity options

Expedition travel company Lindblad Expeditions has agreed an expanded connectivity contract with Speedcast, extending and upgrading its existing services.

The deal includes GEO and Starlink LEO satellite services, as well as cellular near-shore wireless, L-band and Speedcast’s SIGMA connectivity management system.

The different services will be integrated via Speedcast’s Unified Global Platform (UGP), which will see the vessel networks upgraded to an SD-WAN configuration to blend the multiple transmission paths into a single, optimised WAN of networks.

The addition of Starlink services will also see Lindblad install two maritime flat-panel antennas onboard its ships, a process expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“With the launch of Starlink, our guests, crew, and visiting scientists will be able to stay connected like never before while still immersing themselves in some of the world’s most remote, fascinating places,” said Arthur Theodorou, VP of Information Technology at Lindblad Expeditions.

“Speedcast has enabled us to exceed the expectations of our guests in terms of connectivity, voyage after voyage. Furthermore, enhancing onboard technologies with the introduction of Starlink LEO service has proven to be beneficial as part of a comprehensive solution from Speedcast.”

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