Intellian NX series VSAT antennas gain Intelsat approval

Intellian has confirmed that its NX series of maritime satellite antennas has been granted certification by Intelsat for use with the IntelsatOne Flex VSAT service package.

Both of Intellian’s v85NX and v100NX antennas have been cleared for use on the service, which offers tiered Ku-band VSAT plans that prioritise bandwidth across different satellite beams to meet demand.

Flex provides a unified global network formed by aggregating Intelsat’s new EpicNG high-throughput satellites (HTS), its existing Ku-band fleet and the IntelsatOne terrestrial fibre networks, managed through a HTS-optimised iDirect Velocity platform.

Intellian’s NX series of antennas has been designed to simplify shipboard installation of VSAT equipment, having been built around a modular concept meaning that the equipment contains fewer components, removing the need for spares.

All NX series products are lighter that their predecessor generations of antennas and can be installed using a single cable. In addition, the units can be configured and monitored using Intellian’s AptusNX software application, which includes a commissioning wizard and provides remote maintenance capabilities.

“Intellian’s NX antennas have been designed to support next-generation satellite services and are the perfect choice for the IntelsatOne Flex service,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian.

“Intelsat’s innovative approach to service provision reflects our focus on ease of installation and adaptability to different bands and orbits, which we believe is essential to facilitate the global industry.”

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