45cm VSAT antenna launched by Intellian

Intellian has developed a new 45cm Ku-band VSAT antenna, the v45C, the company’s most compact system to date for maritime Ku-band connectivity.

The new antenna is aimed at bringing VSAT to new markets where there is limited space available for communications equipment on board, such as workboats, leisure craft, fishing boats, small commercial and government vessels.

The 45cm unit follows on from the v60E 65cm antenna launched last year, both of which apply technology developed for Intellian’s NX Series of antennas, which range in size from 85cm to 1.5m.

Installation requires a single-cable, dome-on connection, while commissioning is facilitated by the built-in, browser-based AptusNX antenna management and diagnostics software that provides the installer with a ‘wizard’ to get the system up and running and facilitates both local and remote diagnostics.

“We’re delighted to launch the new v45C antenna, which is an innovative and keenly anticipated addition to our maritime VSAT product portfolio,” said Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian Technologies.

“The v45C antenna will deliver compact, cost-effective connectivity to multiple customer segments, especially those which have been unable to install VSAT in the past owing to space considerations or performance constraints. We expect the v45C to open up new markets and look forward to collaborating with new customers to help them make the most of the many advantages that VSAT connectivity with Intellian products has to offer.”

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