Z. & G. Halcoussis completes remote network monitoring implementation

Greek shipping company Z. & G. Halcoussis has completed the implementation of Navarino’s Spectrum toolkit for maritime IT managers on board its fleet of seven bulk carriers already equipped with Fleet Xpress (FX) and Infinity Plus.

Spectrum is used to monitor and manage shipboard IT systems, including PCs, CPUs, RAM and certificates. Updates can be rolled out to vessel PCs using the service, based on a chosen schedule to allow large updates, such as Windows updates, to be transferred at times when the vessel’s network traffic is low.

The system also provides alerts if anything changes on the onboard devices, stops responding, or goes offline, allowing shore-based IT staff to investigate, respond and remedy any issues.

“Navarino has provided our fleet with a range of connectivity and technology solutions that have really helped us to upgrade the way our vessels operate,” said Dimitris Garefalakis, IT Manager for Z. & G. Halcoussis.

“Fleet Xpress has proven to be a very reliable service and the connectivity that it enables has opened the door to several new functionalities, like Infinity and Spectrum, that make our daily operations more streamlined, cost effective and improve the way we do business.

“Some of the installations were in difficult locations, but everything went well. The installing engineers were well trained and in direct contact 24/7 with Navarino’s Field service team which was something we really liked, and in most cases the FX service was brought online within 12 hours.”

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