Kongsberg adds Vessel Performance application to Insight infrastructure

Kongsberg has launched a new Vessel Performance application for ship owners and operators using the company’s Vessel Insight platform, which aims to reduce fuel and energy consumption through improved monitoring and reporting of onboard operations.

The Vessel Performance application collects contextualised data from the ship using the Vessel Insight data infrastructure, analysed in real time to power tools for the reduction of fuel consumption and the unnecessary running of equipment.

The system can also be used to optimise equipment maintenance windows and simplify reporting in line with regulatory requirements, the company says.

“Aside from getting access to contextualised data from your vessels, one of the main benefits of using Vessel Insight is the immediate access to value-adding applications,” added Vigleik Takle, SVP Maritime Digital Solutions at Kongsberg Digital.

“Vessel Performance will increase the value for customers who are Vessel Insight users and help them reduce costs, utilise their assets better and stay compliant with new regulations.”

All information collected within the application will be available in the Cloud, on the vessel and on shore, where fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency levels can be benchmarked against historical performance.

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