Awake.AI marketplace launched for port call service trading

Logistics data company Awake.AI has launched its new Awake Marketplace, which aims to provide a platform for the trading of port call and logistics services, including both digital and physical products.

The system will support port and port bound cargo flow operations by providing access to related services and products, backed by machine learning (ML) optimisation that predicts ship arrivals and other cargo events to allow buying and selling to be automated and service deliveries to be performed just-in-time.

Web and mobile messaging tools are integrated so that all parties involved in transactions are kept up to date with any developments.

Awake Marketplace also provides automated ML-driven suggested port call purchases, with the software analysing and monitoring events that take place and predicting when they are likely to happen.

Buying patterns are analysed using historical purchases data, so that suggestions for recurring purchases are automated and ‘smart shopping carts’ can be created with suggested products and services.

“Awake Marketplace enables wide trading of services, digital and physical products with ease,” said Simo Salminen, VP Product and Co-Founder of Awake.AI.

“Focus is on the port bound cargo flow services and products from pilot boarding place to hinterland origins or destinations. Selling and buying is fast and can even be automated with modern and ML-enhanced tools.”

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