‘K’ Line and NAVTOR partner to develop digital manoeuvring tool

Japan’s ‘K’ Line RoRo Bulk Ship Management (KRBS), part of the ‘K’ Line Group, has partnered with Norwegian e-navigation company NAVTOR to develop a new digital manoeuvring assistant to optimise vessel operations, which will now be made available within the NAVTOR NavStation digital planning tool.

KRBS, which manages a fleet of 140 PCC and bulk carriers, has been working with NAVTOR since 2016, using the firm’s ENC-based services and technology.

The ship operator approached the Norwegian company to develop a new bridge-based tool to help its crews to optimise manoeuvring and berthing operations. This project resulted in the creation of the new Manoeuvring Assistant module that has now been added to NavStation and will be available to all users from version 5.2.

​“I think it is important for navigational officers and Captains to make instant judgments based on correct and updated information – information such as the vessel state and the surrounding situation – to achieve optimal safety operation,” said Captain Tomoyuki Murata, Managing Executive Officer at KRBS.

“We endeavour to provide our stakeholders with the highest quality services to ensure the best safety operation, especially at critical moments, such as proceeding in congested areas and berthing/un-berthing operations. Special supporting tools should be required.”

Manoeuvring Assistant synchronises routes with NavStation, combining sensor data and AIS targets with updated ENCs to provide the bridge-team with the collected information in one module. The system can also be accessed using tablet PCs, allowing officers to stand at the bridge wing for full situational awareness.

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