Intellian moves tri-band antenna to Gen II

Intellian has launched a second-generation version of its v240MT tri-band satellite antenna, its flagship terminal capable of automatically switching between C-, Ku-, and Ka-band onboard ship as required.

The original v240MT currently has approximately 150 systems deployed, and allows users to connect to services from each of the three frequency bands, whether the satellites operate in GEO, MEO or LEO orbits. Users also have the option to choose from a range of different BUCs, from 40W up to 400W.

The Gen II version of the equipment expands on those capabilities to add functionality to operate multiple antennas together via a dual datacentre capability, while also updating the antenna to provide improved Ku-band performance.

Installation and setup have additionally been simplified, with an optional intelligent mediator available to enable operation across different frequency bands by providing an interface between multiple modems and multiple antennas.

This system allows modems for all three available bands to be managed in use with a single antenna, while in a dual antenna setup the mediator will switch automatically between antennas if one becomes blocked.

“The v240MT Gen-II sets a new standard for maritime communications, providing customers with enhanced features and higher performance than ever seen before,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian.

“As our network partners continue to introduce more powerful satellite services to help support customers’ increased data demands, the v240MT Gen-II is the best solution to maximise the user experience and network efficiency across these services.”

“The future-proof design and system capabilities ensure customers have access to the most advanced technology today, as well as a seamless and cost-effective pathway to new services as they become operational.”

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