ClassNK issues updated condition based maintenance guidelines

Classification society ClassNK has released new guidelines to explain its revised rules for the use of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) in class surveys, to promote the use of CBM technology throughout the industry.

ClassNK first introduced the concept of CBM in its class rules in 1994. Subsequent amendments to its Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships stipulated that maintenance methods based on the results of condition diagnosis can be used for class surveys, but it notes that CBM is still not widely applied on ships with diesel engines.

With the continued development of measurement systems and information technology in recent years, the society believes that initiatives related to CBM have become much more accessible to vessel operators, and has consequently reviewed the structure of its requirements for planned machinery surveys, revising its rules to provide more detailed requirements for the adoption of CBM.

ClassNK has now released its updated CBM guidelines with the revised rules, which came into force in January 2020. The CBM guidelines contain explanations of the revised rules and how to apply them to use CBM in class surveys, as well as general explanations and notes on the future application of CBM technologies.

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