Common Structural Rules Software adds new functionality

Common Structural Rules Software (CSRS), the joint venture company formed by ABS and Lloyd’s Register (LR), has released updates to its system for evaluation of ship designs in compliance with IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR), adding new functionality to both the Prescriptive Analysis (PA) and FE Analysis (FEA) applications.

CSR PA now allows users to directly import NAPA cross sectional structural data, so new ship models can be created more quickly, and includes new features to model multiple small openings within transverse primary supporting members.

The FEA software has added the capability of carrying out local model analysis, allowing a fine mesh model to be built outside of the global model so that multiple engineers may work on a design simultaneously.

“We have worked together with Lloyd’s Register and the CSRS Team to ensure our tools continue to evolve and meet the needs of our clients, keeping pace with technological developments in the maritime and offshore industries,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology.

“This latest release offers many new advantages over earlier versions.”

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