StratumFive introduces collaborative data integration workspace

StratumFive has launched a new data integration platform called Podium, a collaborative workspace for the maritime sector used to support company decision making by connecting applications, data and people in a shared environment.

The company says that the system can connect any data source or third party application and integrate them within its timeline architecture, allowing users to visualise correlated data streams within their own customisable dashboards.

Podium launches with a series of in-house options including voyage monitoring, weather routing, and compliance and tracking applications. The platform will also be supplemented by a Podium partnership programme to allow start-ups and existing digital providers to connect to the StratumFive technical infrastructure.

“With many years spent in operations around the world, I have been frustrated by the inefficiencies and costs caused by poor data acquisition, processing and communication across applications and stakeholders,” said Mike Powell, Strategy Director, StratumFive.

“Until now, digitalisation has often made things worse for people working on ships and at shore, as increasing enterprise-wide data and information demands require too much manual intervention and effort. Currently, high levels of activity do not always equal productivity.”

“Podium is designed to be the workspace for the whole enterprise, linking data and applications, ensuring all stakeholders not only start from the same page, but also have the tools they need to maximise the efficiency and value of their part of the voyage.”

The company says that it worked closely with industry stakeholders in the development of Podium, and already has a selection of vessel owners and operators are using the platform across their daily operations as a result.

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