Chevron extends range of digital tools

Chevron Marine has announced the launch of a package of Marine Cloud Solutions, building on the digital customer order management platform OnePort launched by the company last year, to assist ship operators in analysing operational performance.

The extended digital platform integrates data with human intelligence to create a detailed picture of the state of assets, including recommendations from marine technical specialists based on the analysis of used oil samples using Chevron’s FAST and DOT.FAST analysis services.

These digital tools have been developed under Chevron’s Business Technology Innovation (BTI) initiative, an on-going multi-year digitisation investment programme, and are designed to integrate with customers’ own processes to reduce barriers to implementation.

“The launch of OnePort marks a milestone in our digitisation journey and is just one of the ways we are leveraging technology to provide solutions-based support for our customers,” said Steve Gormer, Chevron Marine Digital Enablement Manger.

“By integrating data sources, from order management to technical reports, we are providing intuitive tools that offer a total view of fleet operations that, ultimately, can help keep our customers’ costs to a minimum.”

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