ChartWorld upgrades route planning API

ChartWorld has launched an improved version of its Route Network API, used by the company’s software partners and their users to automate route planning systems.

Based on a global database of ports, waypoints, and leg lines, the Route Network API provides navigation-ready routes incorporating vessel-specific parameters, nautical information, administrative and environmental restrictions, as well as notices to mariners and warnings.

The latest version of the service is accessible through a REST API, providing access to the Route Network Server (RNW API). The RNW API response delivers the route in RTZ or JSON formats, with route check (navigational danger detection), and additional nautical information for the calculated route (minimum depth, etc).

“Our team of navigational experts and Master Mariners utilises various authoritative sources to expand and update the route network. By embedding nautical data, sailing directions, and local routing regulations, the Route Network becomes capable of handling increasingly complex routing scenarios,” said Steven Schootbrugge, CEO of ChartWorld.

“The Route Network API is designed to deliver the utmost accuracy and detail to our customers and solution partners, while satisfying the rising demand for assisted and automated route planning tools in the shipping industry.”

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