GNS launches online remote management tool

GNS has launched VFI Plus, a new extension to its Voyager FLEET INSIGHT (VFI) web service that can be used for remote monitoring and management of vessel data from shore over the internet.

The company says that it will also be making the service available free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic to support shipping companies with remote-working, providing teams with access to data irrespective of whether they purchase navigational products from GNS or not.

The VFI Plus service offers the ability to view live vessel positions on C-MAP charts, overlay current and forecast weather conditions, display MARPOL zones and view all nearby vessels within a user-defined distance.

A collaboration agreement with maritime security firm Risk Intelligence also allows users to access information on maritime security issues within the platform.

“We want to help those who are involved in managing shipping activities during this unprecedented period to do their jobs as effectively as possible, with the ability to view both up-to-date vessel positions overlaid on charts, maritime weather, maritime security and MARPOL,” said Kent Lee, CEO, GNS.

“VFI Plus is the ideal service to help customers during these challenging times that will enable better operational oversight, enhanced collaboration between vessel and shore that lead to more informed decision-making.”

“In addition, the opportunity to also access official AVCS charts online, elevates the system further and makes this the most comprehensive set of vessel management features ever offered in a single web-based system.”

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