BV completes hull inspection with drone and AI technologies

Bureau Veritas (BV) reports that it has successfully deployed its latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology for corrosion detection as part of a hull inspection of a water ballast tank on a bulk carrier by an aerial drone.

The test was conducted in partnership with the drone operator, MaDfly Marine Drone Services, in Dunkirk, France, with the AI system deployed in real survey conditions to support the decision of the surveyor during his general visual inspection and close-up survey of the hull.

BV says that this proof of concept is a first step in its goal to assist ship owners and ship managers to anticipate necessary repairs at an earlier date, to proactively move to resolve issues before they create operational problems.

Moving forward, the class society intends to further improve the system and include new functions, leveraging its surveyors’ experience and data collected from digital technologies such as remote inspection techniques.

“Digitalisation is changing our daily lives and the use of AI in the shipping industry can make a real difference, helping the industry to be more effective with improved inspection standards and maintenance techniques,” said Laurent Leblanc, Senior Vice President Technical & Operations for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

“The ambition for Bureau Veritas is to develop an end-to-end solution that will support ship owners and ship managers in anticipating repairs and better maintaining the hull condition of the ship. It will also support BV’s team of surveyors by building their collective experience and knowledge around corrosion detection underpinned by AI solutions.”

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