Open source bridge design adds user interface tool

The OpenBridge open source platform for harmonisation of design features in bridge equipment reports that it has added new design tools from Figma, a system for user interface development, to support the creation of user interfaces using ready-made OpenBridge components.

The tool, which is free to use in its ‘Starter’ version, can also be used to extract data from within existing components, to further support specific user interface component development.

The current library release contains UI components, Navigation components and Alert components, presented in a ‘daytime’ colour palette. Additional palettes and maritime components will be added soon, the group says. 

The new tools can be found in the download section in the OpenBridge design guideline that is freely accessible on the consortium’s website. A section for new component requests has also recently been added to the webpage.

“As an open source project, you can now contribute to our ongoing development by suggesting components that are currently missing from the library,” said Dr Kjetil Nordby, project leader.

“Well defined descriptions will help accelerate our work tremendously. The registration form is located under components in the design guideline.”

“180 individual companies from all over the world has registered to access the guideline since we released that beta version in March. We welcome and appreciate any feedback or examples of use. This will help our ongoing development and improve the overall quality and usability of the design system itself.”

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