Euronav condition monitoring scheme to gain LR approval with remote audit

Tanker company Euronav is to have its Machinery Planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Scheme – MPMS(CM) – approved by Lloyd’s Register (LR) for implementation on 25 vessels following the completion of a remote audit process.

The remote audit of the planned maintenance scheme involves the review and approval of selected machinery on the basis of satisfactory Condition Monitoring data, followed by an implementation audit performed during the first annual survey.

This will be performed in accordance with LR’s recently updated ShipRight procedures for Machinery Planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring, and should assist Euronav in optimising its vessel maintenance through the application of the latest available technologies.

“Over the past five years, we have extensively applied condition-based maintenance techniques throughout our fleet, supplementing the traditional ‘preventive maintenance’ and ‘condition monitoring’ routines,” said Theodore Mavraidis, Euronav’s Fleet Technical Manager.

“Within our organisation, we have built a strong technical knowledge base and valuable expertise enabling the next step. This next step encompasses as its main objectives: the use of our resources, people and equipment, even more effectively; improved efficiency of equipment/machinery performance, which provides savings in operations and energy consumption; and pro-active condition-based maintenance that will imply more control over resources, as well as reduce business and safety risk.”

“In this journey, we feel fortunate having LR by our side, supporting us with their established tools and approval framework of the updated ShipRight procedures. Just as technology has been developing rapidly in fields like telecoms, data analytics, smart devices and infrastructure, the same can be said of asset condition monitoring and we recognise in LR a reliable partner who can significantly contribute to our organisation’s progress in digital transformation.”

In September 2019, LR updated its ShipRight procedures for Machinery Planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring and the corresponding Rules, which enables operators to apply the most appropriate planned, condition-based, risk-based or predictive maintenance methodologies to each of their machinery items, in order to suit their specific needs.

“Using technology to perform remote audits helps both LR and Euronav protect the safety of crew, surveyors and auditors while also reducing the need to open-up machinery, meaning there are fewer, less intrusive attendances onboard,” said Theodosis Stamatellos, LR’s South Europe Marine & Offshore Regional Manager.

“Providing approval for MPMS(CM) is a key step in supporting Euronav’s move towards optimised maintenance, pathing the way for risk-based maintenance and predictive techniques.”

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