Le Havre to introduce improved simulator training for pilots

The Le Havre pilot station in France has agreed a deal with Wärtsilä to implement a new simulator specifically configured to meet operational training requirements for pilots, upgrading the existing set-up installed in 2004.

The order was placed in February 2020, and includes a new visualisation system based on 14 DP projectors, with seven main circular and seven ground projection systems as well as a panoramic 350-degree screen.

The simulator will allow users to study the reaction of a vessel in different operational situations, for training under challenging sea and weather conditions and in emergencies, taking into account currents and winds as well as pitch and bank effects.

“We have worked with Wärtsilä for a number of years already, and we are familiar with their experience and expertise in simulation technology. The new system will be of great benefit to us in training the pilots, and will complement the practical training they acquire at sea,” said Pavel Pereira, President of the pilot station.

47 pilots currently operate from the station, 24 hours a day and all year round. The station serves the port of Le Havre, the Antifer oil terminal, and the port of Fécamp.

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