IPCSA publishes guidelines for PCS implementation at small and medium sized ports

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has published a new set of guidelines for small and medium sized ports, to assist them on creating and implementing Port Community Systems at their facilities.

The guidelines are part of a series under development by IPCSA to provide practical advice, support and guidance on specific aspects of Port Community Systems and Singe Window development, implementation and operation.

“The principles of Port Community Systems (PCS) are the same for every size of port, however small and medium sized ports may have different drivers and varying levels of financial resources available to implement and operate a PCS,” the Association says.

“So, while the larger ports enable operations through digitalisation, other ports often question where they should start and whether it is appropriate or possible for them to implement a PCS.”

The guidelines are designed to help small and medium sized ports to assess their readiness for the development and implementation of a PCS, providing a broad outline that allows organisations to understand the steps involved in the digitalisation of the port environment.

These recommendations are expected to provide a general guide to ports on where they currently sit in terms of their level of digitalisation, with a specific focus on Port Community Systems, and allow them to honestly assess whether they are in a position to move on to the practical development of a PCS.

IPCSA also publishes a ‘How to Develop a PCS’ guide, which it says can be considered in parallel to the recommendations outlined in this newly published guideline document.

The IPCSA Guidelines on Port Community Systems for Small and Medium Sized Ports can be downloaded here.

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