Intellian launches updated version of dual-band antenna system

Intellian has launched the latest versions of its v240M dual-band 2.4m satcom antenna and Intelligent Mediator, used to allow auto-switching between C- and Ku-band communications.

Together, the new Gen-II antenna and Mediator will allow for management of up to eight antennas and modems on the different frequency bands, and will provide support for both GEO and MEO satellite tracking.

The Mediator unit can dynamically allocate the modem to any of the connected antennas, and can be configured to carry out ‘Break Before Make or Make Before Break’ satellite handovers as required, to allow for hybrid operation across orbits and bands with multiple modes to maximise bandwidth utilisation.

Intellian notes that the antenna can also be adapted to support Ka-band connectivity if required, allowing for tri-band operation.

The equipment supports BUCs from 40W to 400W and has been designed to use Intellian’s Fiber Link cable system between the above- and below-deck units to minimise signal loss.

The system has been designed to allow for future integration with Intellian’s upcoming Mediation Edge Server (MES) and Orchestra Advanced Antenna Management technology, which will enable configuration and automatic mediation between connected equipment, including smart blockage mitigation and failure prevention.

“The v240M Gen-II and Intelligent Mediator Gen-II demonstrate Intellian’s determination to make satellite communications accessible to all. The v240M Gen-II antenna delivers best-in-class dual-band connectivity, while the Intelligent Mediator Gen-II facilitates easy integration with existing systems and support for multiple antennas and modems,” said Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian.

“With products such as these, ready for the next generation of satellite networks, Intellian is safeguarding its customers’ connectivity for the future. By giving access to the most advanced technology today, we provide a seamless and cost-effective pathway to new services as they come online.”

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