Rivertrace integrates electronic ORB into bilge monitoring system

Water quality monitoring firm Rivertrace reports that it has completed the integration of the ε-ORB (PAS electronic Oil Record Book) developed by marine risk prevention company Prevention at Sea into its SMARTSAFE ORB bilge overboard monitoring equipment.

The two systems will be linked via an API created by Intellore, which will allow data collected by Rivertrace’s SMARTSAFE ORB to be automatically entered into the ε-ORB Electronic Oil Record Book, removing the need for manual entry.

The SMARTSAFE ε-ORB has been developed under a newly formed joint venture called SENSεAS, which will see both companies work exclusively together to develop sensor technology and software to record and process onboard data.

Rivertrace originally developed SMARTSAFE ORB as an interlocked system that enables the electronic recording of discharges, to prevent the use of illegal ‘Magic Pipe’ discharges and to minimise discrepancies in a ship’s oil record book.

In its simplest form, the electronic version utilises GPS and records each ‘event’ of the bilge water discharge process. The system also features a camera that is integrated into the separator interface to capture tampering, for increased security.

“The joint project SENSεAS reflects our commitment to innovation and environment protection. This sharing of expertise between our two companies will allow users of the system to achieve greater efficiencies in record keeping and prevent discrepancies in the ship’s ORB,” said Petros Achtypis, CEO at Prevention at Sea.

“We will continue working towards delivering more ‘smart’ products in the future. This is a huge step forward for the industry which we are delighted to support with our technology.”

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