ClassNK launches certification for digital systems

ClassNK is launching a service to certify new digital technologies for the maritime sector, to provide ‘Innovation Endorsement’ certification to approved products and services.

In February 2020, the Society announced its ‘ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030’ programme, outlining its vision for the digital society of 2030 and aiming to support the evolution of ocean-related businesses by approving newly developed digital systems.

The Digital Grand Design is based on three fundamental policies, one of which is to “diversify certification services and expand their scope.” The Innovation Endorsement certification service is being launched in line with this policy, ClassNK notes.

“Up until now, we have carried out certifications in accordance with the mandatory requirements of international conventions and of our rules. On the other hand, it is likely that a clear evaluation standard has yet to be established for innovative technologies, which can occasionally hinder their diffusion,” said Dr Toshiro Arima Corporate Officer, General Manager of the ClassNK Digital Transformation Centre.

“Accordingly, Innovation Endorsement will provide certification services regardless of existing standards based on the policies of being ‘speed-focused’ and ‘establishing evaluation criteria in cooperation with front runners’.”

“In cooperation with technical front-runners, we will continue establishing appropriate evaluation criteria and providing prompt certification services.”

The Innovation Endorsement certification will be carried out in three areas, covering Ships, Products, and Providers. A new class notation, ‘Digital Smart Ship’, will be established and granted to ships successfully implementing digital technologies, including various types of monitoring and autonomous navigation systems.

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