Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute signs two new tech development MoUs

(l-r) Zacharias Siokouros, CMMI, and Adamos Seraphides, Fameline, mark the signing of one of CMMI’s two new MoUs

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) has agreed two new MoUs with Tototheo Maritime/Marine Fields Holdings and Fameline Holding Group respectively, to partner with the organisations on research and development of maritime digital systems.

Cyprus-based firms Tototheo and Marine Fields will work with CMMI on optimisation of port calls through improved data gathering and analysis, to improve precision in the estimation of vessels’ times of arrival.

The partners’ projects will also include exploration of the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency in shipping operations, and the creation of an ‘Internet of Maritime’ communications ecosystem for ship-shore communication.

“The complexity and frequency of interactions between the different components of the maritime ecosystem are what make our industry so dynamic,” said Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO of Marine Fields Holdings.

“It is essential to capture all these interactions and extract the information required for each activity at the right time and in the right way, in order to increase efficiency and ensure sustainability.”

CMMI’s MoU with Fameline Holding Group, a network of 38 companies across a range of industries, including maritime, will also focus on knowledge sharing and joint development of technologies in areas such as marine robotics and maritime digitalisation.

Headquartered in Cyprus, Fameline was among the earliest companies to sign a Letter of Commitment backing the CMMI in 2018, before it was formally established in 2019 to provide a Centre of Excellence for maritime research and innovation.

“I see a lot of opportunities for cooperation between the two organisations and we are already exploring with our friends at Fameline some specific joint endeavours,” said Zacharias Siokouros, CEO of CMMI.

“CMMI remains committed to its aim to become a partner of choice for all relevant blue economy research and innovation activities at the local, regional, European, and global levels.”

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